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How to List a Token on Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Reduce Costs Involved All in One Go?

May 24, 2018

In today’s world, the success of an ICO launch is directly bound up with the number of people it reaches and how many of them turn into investors. Regarding this, a listing on an exchange could either make or break your cryptocurrency in an instant.


Even the most vivid projects could fail when they lack a good listing, regardless of how promising the team looks or how well-written is the documentation. The trading platform is the primary source that is supposed to assist ICO launchers with the trade of their currency and to reach to maximum investors. Posting as many listings as possible on the preferred platforms could easily make the difference between 10,000 and 10,000,000 people reached. In turn, this significantly raises the volume of the given token and offers liquidity, that increases the overall price for the coin.
This is the common goal for ICO launchers and investors in cryptocurrencies. The token can be turned quickly into fiat money with a proper value. With this said, it should be clear by now how multiple listings on different trading platforms favor the ICO’s companies. But then again, another issue arises.
Listings should be done on respectable exchange platforms. To find the most proper ones takes time and other expenses, plus many times there isn’t a certainty that a listing is going to be approved. This brings fear that a company might invest resources and get nothing in return.
Luckily, the solution exists! It lays in the foundations of a company focused on executing all necessary checks and actions for a listing to appear on multiple exchanges. This won’t just increase the chances of a higher ICO success, but it is also going to reduce all time expenses and overall costs while using connections to make the approval of a listing on a given platform more certain. The company we talk about is called List a Token.

How Listing a Token on a Trading Platform Could Be Made Easily?

Currently, if an ICO launcher wants to list a token on an exchange, he should follow some or all of these steps:
1. Research cryptocurrency exchanges and select the most recommended out of all;
2. Explore the opportunities that the trade offers and learn more about the mechanisms of listing a token;
3. Register and fully verify accounts for all leads and developers of the team;
4. Fill in a token-listing form that requires project name, token type, description, coin trading symbol, coin logo, decimal and eventually a launch date for the due diligence;
5. Remain available for any further questions that may arise or disclose any other information publicly, if asked;
6. Pay all necessary fees for the listing.
At the final line, the ICO launchers should stay tuned, while the community or the seniors of the platform are deciding for approval or denial of the listing. Additionally, ICO companies might be required to further answer questions about social media, active listings on other platforms, the official blockchain explorer or the maximum money supply.
And this is all required for just a single listing on a trading platform. Multiplication of the time invested for such activity will return a tremendous number of hours that could have been invested into the project, where they are truly needed.
To save these losses, List a Token promises all ICO companies to help them achieve their listing goals, without sacrificing excessive time and money over it. They require ICO launchers to submit their application only once to their website. From there on, it’s their job to assist in the listing of that application in many exchanges, and the company works with most of them. List a Token is closely working with OKex, Hitbtc, Kucoin, Kraken, Bit-z, Coinbene, Cryptopia, Exmo, Zb.com, Livecoin, Cobinhood, TopBTC, IDAX, OOOBTC, Sistemkoin, Getbtc, Octaex, Coindeal, Zecoex, Xstar, and Messengerbank. But their list doesn’t end there. They have only claimed that the platforms above are in partnership with them; thus the overall process of listing a token should go smoothly and as expected.
Furthermore, the company saves additional money to the ICO launchers by executing due diligence for both the project and the exchanges point of view. List a Token conducts internal audits and checks to increase the trust and profitability of the listing by inspecting the website of the project, the marketing efforts, the general credibility and the ICO process. Additionally, a full team background check is made, plus social media profiles check for all involved to guarantee that there isn’t anything suspicious and to satisfy the KYC and AML factors.
What’s more for List a Token is that exchanges could receive a custom verification on demand, which will facilitate the process of listing. A step that is taken in conjunction with the others has the sole purpose of:
• Avoiding risks of delays, declines or issues for ICO listers;
• Reducing of time and cost expenses, made by the ICO company;
• Getting a listing added on many exchanges around the world with only one submission.

Reduce Costs for Listing a Token

Listing a token on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges is a vital solution to the well-being of a cryptocurrency. This, however, should not come with the price of many losses and troubles.
If you’re an ICO company, consider hiring a company like List a Token. This could potentially save you hundreds of hours lost over doing the same submission processes over and over again. In exchange of a variable fee for its’ services, the abovementioned company will assist you with listing your token in more than 20 crypto trading platforms and execute due diligence on behalf of both parties, you and the exchange, to increase the chances of approval.