Getting Your Token Listed on an Exchange

May 24, 2018

A recent article highlighted some of the crazy prices- up to $1 million-and being asked by exchanges to list initial coin offerings on their platform. Overwhelming numbers of applications to compete with make securing that all important listing harder and harder.

Regardless of whether your token is a security or a utility securing a listing on an exchange is a big part of your value proposition as it is their inherent liquidity that sets token assets apart. In attempts to give assurances that their token will secure a listing on an exchange post ICO founders are doing all kinds of things, a popular one is to get a member of a team from one of the exchanges as an advisor.

Here at Crowd-Up we have seen this happening, and we have felt the exact same pressures ourselves. We intimately understand how important it is to the success of your ICO and to your investors that there is a clear route to liquidity.

That got us thinking, what we are building is all about helping businesses, it is all about investor liquidity. We realised that we should be offering something that can help start-ups in our space as well as those looking to tokenise their equity assets.

So if you are a founder heading for an ICO and you want to show that you have considered investor liquidity come and talk with us. Crowd-Up will be launching a crypto-exchange as part of its roadmap and we will accept listing reservations at a fraction of the prices seen elsewhere. Part of our mission is to work with young companies, which means we will accept applications from companies that are pre-ICO as long as your token economics, whitepaper and team are solid.

If you think that it would be helpful to show your investors that you have secured a listing even before you have launched you ICO please get in touch, Crowd-Up can help.